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LPA Studio is an emerging brand founded by the creative mind of Gabriella Cacucci. Originally from Puglia, he cultivated his passion for fashion by studying first in Turin and then moving his roots to Milan. Here he gave shape to his ideas by creating the first items of his collection with a strongly retro-futuristic taste. Retro-futurism starts from the charm of old artistic styles and then grafts futuristic technologies, creating a mix of past, present and future elements.

The suggestion is to combine two ways of seeing the future “past” and the “present” through tailoring fashion futuristic cuts.

LPA, literally Little Purple Alien, is the perfect expression of Gabriella’s status, the inability not to be understood by a society more and more obvious and conformist to trend and core: so, she gives life to a utopian reality all its own, addressing a hypothetical universe distinct from ours, but coexisting with it and proposing it as a new achievable model, living in a futuristic vision moved back chronologically, where fashion is synonymous with perfect illusion in a world in which to stay and live according to their ideals.

The first mini capsule of LPA Studio was born essentially from the parallelism between past and future considered as a product of new technologies and trends related to aesthetics “alien”, starting from the origins of the space era: “PLASTIC FORMS” stages plastic shapes that change thanks to the use of eco-leather and denim upcycling, with a design of accessories idealized in an initial “module” and then continuously change its shape.

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